Established in 2010, He Mei Cheng Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading and reputable manufacturer in Taiwan, specialized in the production of CNC wire, tube, and pipe bending machinery, as well as many other kinds of automation equipment. HE MEI CHENG TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. (HMC) has earned an excellent reputation in both domestic and international markets over the past 3 years.

HMC’s complete range of CNC bending machines can meet the requirements of a wide range of industries. Popular applications include automobile/motorcycle brake and fuel tubing, car exhaust pipe hanging hooks, car seat brackets, bicycle luggage carriers, water bottle cages, baskets, locks, saddles, heaters, water cooling pipes, air conditioning pipes, furniture, kitchenware, hardware, artwork, and many others.

Our outstanding engineering techniques and skilled working team shape the great competitiveness HMC commands. Comprehensive and complete service is one of HMC’s strengths and ensures 100% customer satisfaction. HMC’s spirit is to be continually improving and provide the highest quality unmanned production machinery for our customers.